Startup People

"Starting a business is an exciting prospect and a daunting challenge. But, with the help and assistance of BRAVE, you’ll have the confidence to develop your ideas into a real business success."

New Enterprise Allowance Scheme - we are seeking mentors!

The New Enterprise Allowance Scheme (NEA) is designed to help people who are out of work for a while to consider starting a business and being their own boss. The programme provides support, encouragement, guidance and some money to ensure new businesses are created locally. It also includes mentor support to help people through the early stages of starting a business and we are looking for local businesses to help with this.

Who would make an ideal mentor?

We are looking for friendly, committed business people who will give up a small amount of their time to support people who have a great business idea that needs unlocking and developing. The role is potentially very rewarding and will make a huge difference to the local economy.

What mentors will do?

Mentors will meet with people and provide encouragement about a business idea they may have. This will amount to around 1 hour a week in the first two months and then 1-2 hours per month for up to 6 months thereafter. They will help to shape the idea and explore whether any money can be made from it. Ongoing support for a further 6 months from start up will be provided to ensure that good business decisions are made to ensure that the business survives and flourishes.

Who are we trying to help and what do they need?

They will be local people who are currently unemployed. They will have some experience and skills but may lack confidence to know what to do next. They need someone to give them guidance about how to get started on the journey into self employment.

For an informal discussion about the programme, please contact Liz Sands on 0117 314 4614